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Research Data Coordinator - Surgical Oncology Research

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The primary purpose of the Research Data Coordinator position in Surgical Oncology Research is the coordination and enrollment to the sarcoma research protocols. The coordinator will be responsible for consenting patients and for updating the sarcoma clinical and tissue database.


  1. Performsoverall coordination and organization of research projects that utilizebio-specimens and/or clinical data. This function requires close collaborationwith other departments in order to facilitate and achieve an efficient andeffective patient recruitment process.

  2. Responsiblefor review and interpretation of basic clinical data related to pathologicaldiagnosis of patients suspected with Sarcoma. Responsible for completion ofdata forms, treatment records, surgery and pathology information.

  3. Reviews theupcoming sarcoma surgical schedule in EPIC weekly to generate a list ofpotential participants. Updates a database that includes sarcoma surgeriesperformed by date, histology, surgeon and service. Coordinates with theinstitutional tissue tumor bank and the Sarcoma Pathology team.

  4. Knows indetail the sarcoma surgery protocols and is responsible for the effectiveperformance of the protocols. Screens potential patients for eligibility,obtains informed consent, registers patients in the institutional database(CORE, TissueStation and EPIC) and thoroughly documents the informed consentprocess.

  5. Coordinatesthe flow of information between the APOLLO sarcoma team and the rest of theAPOLLO team.

  6. Retrievesstudy data by visually reading patient record and outside documentation and/orby verbally interviewing patients in face-to-face encounters or by telephone.Maintains accurate records of database patients. Enters relevant patientclinical data at designed stages into specialized database(s). Enters andmaintains information in computer database via keyboard and/or by writing byhand in study booklets and/or data forms. Follows and adheres to coordinatorguidelines to accomplish and complete daily work. Reviews and utilizesseveral resources available in order to obtain patient follow-up data (clinic station,care system, medical records, social security index, medical informatics etc.

  7. Processesthe specimens as per protocols. Performs daily retrospective and prospectivedata entry of the database. Obtains follow up data for patients on studiesand in the database. Contacts patients via telephone and/or mail forfollow-up data and questionnaires.

  8. Meets withDr. Torres in a weekly basis to review the data entry performed each week.Review of pathology and surgical procedures will be performed at these meetings.Also, analysis of recruitment will be performed during these sessions.

  9. Attendsmandatory monthly Research Team meetings and other appropriate sarcomamultidisciplinary meetings and conferences. Provides a monthly summary to theAdministrative Director Protocol Research and Dr. Torres on the status of allprojects and database activities. Consults with principal investigator andother department personnel verbally, in handwritten notes or via keyboard oncomputer regarding ongoing studies.

  10. Maintains alevel of professional expertise and credibility through attendance at bothinstitutional and outside continuing education programs. Demonstratesexcellent oral and written communication skills when contacting otherinstitutions and agencies (i.e., NCI, pharmaceutical companies, sponsoringagencies, etc.) by phone, computer-generated reports and/or face to facecontacts.

  11. Requiresability to gather appropriate information and determine the appropriateinformation to report. Assists with statistical analysis of research studies bycomputer via keyboard or by using calculator and handwritten charts and notes.


Minimum: $32,000 – Midpoint: $40,000 – Maximum: $48,000


Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree.


Required: Two years of related experience. May substitute required experience with completed years of college on a one to one basis.

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.