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MD Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Fellow in Bastrop, Texas

The laboratory of Dr. Hopkins examines the role of genetic and non-genetic factors on individual and phylogenetic variation in cognition and the brain. This includes testing nonhuman primates on a variety of cognitive functions using automated and manual testing systems. Additionally, our laboratory uses a number of neuroimaging techniques to assess anatomical and functional organization of the brain. This includes structural magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, resting state functional MRI, and positron emission tomography. Our laboratory is currently focusing on the mechanisms that influence the neurobiology of age-related changes in cognition in relation to the brain in nonhuman primates.


To acquire novel methods and strategies for adopting human neuropsychological tests for the assessment of behavior and functions in nonhuman primates, with a particular focus on the development of automated testing systems in socially living nonhuman primates. To develop expertise and skills in the application and use of a variety of neuroimaging tools used with images acquired in different modalities. To master statistical analyses used to analyze neuroimaging and behavior data measured with different scales of measurement.


PhD in neuroscience, psychology, or related discipline. Previous publications and training in basic research methods as it relates to animal behavior and cognition are required. Previous experience performing post-image analyses of structural and functional MRI scans is required. Previous experience working with nonhuman primates is recommended. Programming abilities using Python are also desirable.