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MD Anderson Cancer Center Lead Care Manager - Patient Access Support Services in Houston, Texas

Lead Care Manager opportunity in our Patient Access Support Services

Be part of a new initiative to improve the patient experience by responding to alerts generated by phone calls to patients post discharge form ED, inpatient and outpatient phone calls. Position is entirely on the phone hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8 am to 11 pm and weekends and holidays 8 am to 7pm. Bilingual English and Spanish a definite skill set as well as customer service skills, listening assessment, and access to resources to help patients and family thru the transition. An automated phone call will generate the alerts for discharge instruction clarification, medication questions, and need for resources and post visit education on next steps.

Ideal candidate must have a Master's degree. Degree requirement as defined by the TSBPAE or TSBNE, as required for clinical licensure as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or Physician Assistant. Two years Advanced Practice Provider experience in an oncology setting. May substitute required education degree with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, seven years of post-discharge oncology nursing experience and a certification in Case Management or Oncology Nursing Certification. Current license and/or certification as defined by the TSBPAE or TSBNE as required for clinical licensure as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or Physician Assistant or Current State of Texas Professional Nursing license (RN). Certification as an ANCC Case Manager or Oncology Nursing Certification (ONCC).


The primary purpose of the Clinical Programs ask MDAnderson Nurse is to provide transitions in care via phone and online communication for patients, family, and caregivers (hereto for clients) after they have visited the MDAnderson Cancer Center. This programs supports our clients need for access to care evenings and weekends and serves as the front-line customer service resource for anyone who needs clinical support. This position requires a wide depth and knowledge pertaining to cancer care and demonstrate consistently strong communication skills, motivational interviewing, and knowledge of cancer and MD Anderson services and resources. Shifts vary full-time and part-time with coverage

8 am to 11pm Monday thru Friday and 8am to 7pm Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. On-call may also be available when hours extend to 24/7.


  1. CONNECT discharge phone call program:

a. Responds telephonically or by online communications to clinical alerts( medication questions, care instructions, follow up appointments, post discharge DME, home health, or others resource needs necessary to prevent unnecessary re-admissions , emergency room visits, or unnecessary burden or stress) for all clients.

b. Closes all care gaps using approved resources, and expert oncology clinical expertise.

c. Performs a proactive assessment preventing unnecessary sequelae and reminds clients to complete survey.

d. Provides quality and responsible patient care and practices autonomously within the scope of professional nursing practice Helps physicians and patients understand, initiate and navigate the MD Anderson referral process.

e. Uses comprehensive communication and interviewing skills to respond to information requests. Responds with accuracy and in accordance with all ask MDAnderson and MD Anderson policies and procedures.

f. Utilizes standard medical, legal disclaimers to ensure appropriate interpretation of professional role

g. Translates technical information to language/literacy level of each client and uses active motivational interviewing and listening skills to verify understanding.

h. Participates fully in all customer service data collection and management processes, using standard or customized software with proficiency and accuracy.

i. Renders timely, accurate call and e-mail follow-up to all consistently meeting program standards.

j. Handles inquiries from difficult, challenging customers using effective communication skills to reduce anxiety and assuage customer frustration and convey necessary clinical expertise and knowledge.

k. Conducts service recovery and utilizes Patient Advocacy and ask MD Anderson HIS as resources to assess customer satisfaction and any further needs.

l. Provides appropriate documentation on all materials in CONNECT program and electronic medical record.

m. Reviews team's closure and response to alerts and after hours nurse support for timely response and accuracy.

  1. Knowledge Acquisition and Management

a. Acquires and competently demonstrates core knowledge of cancer and MD Anderson resources and practices, efficiently utilizing internal databases and approved resources.

b. Seeks and maintains knowledge regarding relevant empirical outcomes, including the impact of quality improvement initiatives and institutional best practices for the patient populations, nursing workforce, and institutions metrics.

c. Successfully passes ONCC certification and case management certification within 1 year of employment.

d. Participates actively in all required continuing education requirements and demonstrates mastery and retention of content.

e. Masters use of computer and telephony equipment and software.

f. Reads new materials and information daily and integrates new knowledge into program operations.

g. Identifies program resource gaps and independently conducts research to address needs.

h. Uses experience and resource knowledge to proactively help colleagues respond to difficult inquiries, participates in change initiatives, and demonstrates loyalty and commitment to the interdisciplinary team. Evaluates team members weekly, quarterly, and yearly and assesses growth and development strategies.

i. Upon demonstration of competence and knowledge of program operation participates in new employee training and/or conduct continuing education programs.

j. Uses telephone-system-generated data to assess personal work performance, practices and customer service issues. Adopts departmental standards as performance achievement goals.

k. Serves as a resource for certification requirements and promotes to each team member.

l. Performs quality checks with Project Manager and provides feedback to the team and prepares quarterly reports for Director and Patient Experience Team.

  1. Customer Service and Quality Assurance

a. Assesses the information needs of each client by using active listening/motivational interviewing skills and presents a positive manner, shows interest and responds in clear and timely client expressed needs.

b. Tailors appropriate response to each customer's individual needs and integrates solutions to help meet client needs and anticipated unspoken needs.

c. Verifies that caller understands the information provided and ensures caller satisfaction before terminating call. Problem solves with clients to ensure needs have been fully met.

d. Contributes to total program quality assurance measures; incorporates new information or procedures into practice as adopted by the program.

e. Provides quality control review of all call and e-mail documentation, data and mail-out materials requirements.

f. Participates in periodic monitoring of inquiries. Utilizes performance feedback to refine quality of service provided.

g. Actively identifies new processes that could help improve quality and customer service. Communicates to caller in a reassuring and non-defensive manner and educates team members.

h. Utilizes performance feedback to refine quality of service provided, routinely assess calls of team members and utilizing coaching skills suggests methods for improvement .

i. Seeks opportunities to broaden knowledge relevant to the Clinical Nurse role and healthcare through engagement in professional organizations and commitment to lifelong learning.

j. Demonstrates exemplary clinical practice incorporates new knowledge and innovation and instructs others in best practices

  1. Team Involvement and Personal Leadership

a. Leads project teams.

b. Participates fully in Team Anderson activities.

c. Contributes to creative problem-solving; evaluates progress and identifies and/or reports obstacles/barriers.

d. Leads team or departmental activities, including staff meetings, as assigned.

e. Adheres to MD Anderson and ask MDAnderson policies and procedures

f. Adheres to a just culture by holding self and staff members accountable.

g. Participates in yearly evaluation and professional development processes for self and others.

h. Strengthens practice, builds strong relationships and develops partnerships to improve client outcomes.

  1. Other Duties As Assigned

Master's degree. Degree requirements as defined by the TSBPAE or TSBNE, as required for clinical licensure as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or Physician Assistant. Two years Advanced Practice Provider experience in an oncology setting. May substitute required education degree with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and seven years of post-discharge oncology nursing experience and a certification in Case Management or Oncology Nursing Certification. It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.

Additional Information

  • Requisition ID: 124970

  • Employment Status: Full-Time

  • Employee Status: Regular

  • FLSA: exempt and eligible for additional compensation for hours worked beyond your usual schedule, paid at a time and a half rate

  • Work Week: Weekends, Day/Evening

  • Fund Type: Hard

  • Pivotal Position: Yes

  • Minimum Salary: US Dollar (USD) 90,000

  • Midpoint Salary: US Dollar (USD) 112,500

  • Maximum Salary : US Dollar (USD) 135,000