MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Imaging Technologist in Houston, Texas


The mission of the Imaging Physics department is to provide high-quality professional medical physics services to enhance patient care, perform independent research in medical imaging sciences, support collaborative research using medical imaging technologies throughout the institution, and educate the next generation of healthcare professionals in the medical imaging sciences.


The primary purpose of this position is to provide specialized technical and skills and expertise consulting on and in the performance of diagnostic imaging procedures within their license or certification on MDACC patients, UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) patients and Non-Human Subjects. This person is a versatile individual who works effectively and efficiently with multiple disciplines to assure excellent customer service to each patient, visitor or staff member. The technologist must demonstrate expert skills in one or more of the specialized modalities: MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine or PET. This multimodality technologist will make safety a top priority for patients and peers by practicing MRI safety standards, ALARA (As Low As Reasonable Achievable) concepts, utilizing Image Gently and ACR standards. The MIT performs procedures as prescribed by Clinicians in coordination with DI Faculty and assists/performs patient care related tasks. Communicates and works with radiologists, physicists, clinicians, nursing staff and other patient care providers to ensure high quality diagnostic procedures are performed. Provides training, education and mentoring to students, technologists, nursing, faculty and others. Must maintain a working knowledge of a wide range of patient care and research protocols, and the appropriate post-acquisition data processing procedures. Must be competent to operate independently over a wide range of assigned duties. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively verbally, and in writing.


Technical Skills & Education:

•Responsible for provision of high quality exams while working in a dynamic, complex team oriented highly productive patient care environment.

•Performs studies/procedures as outlined in the Professional Development Model (PDM) including routine, immediate care, advanced imaging protocols and special procedures.

•Supports the Advanced MR Imaging Facility, Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, BrainSuite, and iMRI facilities.

•Supports the clinical MRI Department with advanced imaging procedures, clinical protocol edits, and training.

•Responsible for quality assurance activities on technical equipment and collaborates with appropriate parties to resolve image quality issues.

•Communicates effectively with patient care team members to answer the associated clinical care questions.

•Responsible for accurately entering data into the appropriate computer system (e.g. EPIC, RADIANT, Electronic Medical Record)

•Demonstrates flexibility and the ability to work effectively.

•Practices responsible use of communication tools (Status board, paging systems, telephones, email, fax, etc).

•Maintain productivity standards as defined in the section.

•Error rates are minimized to appropriate established levels.

•Ensures completion of all duties

•Demonstrates technical proficiency required to provide high quality exams while performing all protocols including routine/advanced, immediate care, in-patient, and on-call procedures.

oEnsures correct imaging site, positioning, annotation, and parameters.

oDemonstrates knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy to identify pathology, and obtain necessary diagnostic information.

oDemonstrates understanding of imaging principles and imaging parameters that affect image quality.

•Responsible for independent and proficient operation of all assigned imaging equipment including quality assurance activities and collaborating with appropriate parties to resolve image quality issues or concerns.

•Relays all equipment malfunctions to the DI Engineering Team, Physics team, supervisor and manager with appropriate information readily available.

•Applies critical thinking using information from clinical history, medical records, and imaging to ensure the clinical needs of the patients are addressed and discussed with appropriate personnel as necessary.

•Ability to build imaging protocols from a blank template.

•Demonstrates competency in technical skills, teamwork, self-management, innovative thinking, self-development, communication and coaching/development. Works independently and without direct supervision.

•Participates in on-going learning activities and demonstrates application of it in his/her role.

•Fosters, assists, and encourages a receptive and nurturing environment by actively contributing to the education activities of patients, family members, faculty, radiology residents, co-workers, volunteers, and students.

a.Coaches and mentors others relating to specific aspects of the job.

b.Provides leadership and training to students, technologists, and other staff members.

•Actively seeks opportunities to develop professionally.

•Other duties as assigned

Patient Care:

•Performs patient care activities within professional scope of practice which may include but are not limited to: IV insertion, patient interview/assessment/discharge/ phone education and confirmation, patient transportation, preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals or contrast media, etc.

•Ensures patient/family/staff and visitor safety at all times by monitoring his/her environment.

oSafely screens patients, and manages the research/evaluation process for implanted devices to obtain clearance for the imaging procedure.

oMaintains strict control of access areas. (i.e. MRI suite, Hot Lab, technical, supply, etc.)

oFollows ALARA safety guidelines.

•Recognizes patient distress signs, initiates and assists with emergency response teams. (nurse/physician, DIURT, MERIT, Code Blue)

•Adheres to all infection control practices

oUtilizes sterile or aseptic technique where applicable.

oHandles contrast media and contrast delivery equipment within manufacturer/division standards, properly administering contrast agents, carefully observing the five rights of drug administration 1.) Right Patient, 2.) Right Route, 3.) Right Dose, 4.) Right Time, 5.) Right Medication.

•Applies knowledge of Age Specific Criteria in carrying out work duties and tasks

•Recognizes examination findings that may require immediate clinical response and notifies the interpreting radiologist (i.e., Critical result findings.)

•Functions within professional scope of practice.

•Ensures the patient is imaged in a safe environment, free of hazards.

•Identifies patients using approved identifiers.

•Identifies potential safety hazards based off patient screening forms and takes appropriate action to avoid danger to patient/staff.

•Follows fall precautions and posts patient updates on the status boards or through other communication methods.

•Ensures appropriate supplies are available for the procedure.

•Seeks opportunities to assist in overall patient care activities. This may include escorting patients from holding areas to scanner, offering to work overtime when needed, assisting peers and nursing staff.

•Demonstrates the ability to address and handle patient care concerns by utilizing critical thinking to make sound decisions, within the approved ranges set by the radiologists and section to manage contingencies.

•Properly administers contrast agents.

•Protect patients from ionizing radiation by following ALARA radiation safety guidelines, providing lead shielding when applicable and by monitoring of technical scanning parameters.

•Protect patients, staff and visitors from CT, PETct and MRI safety hazards through proper personal screening, education of hazards of the CT and MRI environment, supervision within the CT and MRI environment, patient positioning, patient monitoring and communication during imaging, and use of appropriate technical scanning parameters.

Operations & Compliance Activities:

•Maximizes productivity and operational effectiveness by working with entire multi-disciplinary care team to resolve associated clinical care questions.

oApplies knowledge of area specific processes and scheduling capacity to manage patient flow, minimize patient appointment delays and positively impact daily operations for patient on-time starts.

oConsistently engages in practices to expedite patient care and decrease room turn-around-time. (Prepare rooms, escort patients, etc.)

•During system failure, performs section down-time procedures and immediately reports to supervisor for reassignment of duties.

•Demonstrates ability to work effectively in all assigned areas.

•Demonstrates flexibility to the demands of patient care, including but not limited to: coming in early, staying late, alternative shift coverage, emergency "ride out team" and rotational call coverage etc., as needed/assigned.

•Responsible for accurately entering data, into all clinical computer systems i.e., RADIANT Information System, iSITE, Status boards, EPIC, and modality imaging systems.

oExam Charges, Billable Medical Supplies, CPT/Procedure Codes, Patient Demographics, etc.)

•Demonstrates effective communication skills.

oPractices responsible use of the communication tools (Status board, paging systems, telephones, e-mail, fax, etc.)

•Ensures accurate, complete and timely transfer of images to PACS / iSITE.

•Ensures completion of all duties and conducts verbal hand-off using (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR) technique.

•Completes shift reports and follows up with supervisors/peers.

•Actively participates in quality and performance improvement activities/projects to improve workflow and the overall patient experience. (i.e. Press Ganey scores, patient on-time starts etc.)

•Other duties as assigned

•Actively participates in quality and performance improvement activities.

•Reports to assigned work area on time. Maintains his/her presence in the area and provides needed support to maximize productivity

•Manages communications throughout the campus and remote sites via blackberry.

•Proactively seeks out processes that facilitate efficiency of patient operations.

•Coordinates and schedules animal procedure for in-house and outside facilities as well as provides appropriate room restoration and preparation for clinical service following these procedures.

•Adheres to Joint Commission standards, initiatives and to applicable state/federal licensure requirements and guidelines

•Maintains position required licensure and certifications.

•Attends, contributes, and participates in regularly scheduled departmental meetings.

•Documents incidents, variances, unusual circumstances, or patient concerns (PSN) and notifies the appropriate personnel within 24 hours (i.e. radiologist, section leadership).

•In a self-directed and timely manner, completes mandatory in-services and continuing education requirements for the institution, division, and section, including but not limited to

•Orientation to new equipment, safety preparedness, Employee Education Event.

•Assures all necessary patient documentation is complete and accurate.

•Clearly writes required information on all necessary forms (i.e., Safety Screening form, PR-1, PR-4, and Universal Time Out).

•Enters data into computers that are accurate and free from errors.

•Confirms patient using approved identifiers, employing the "best practices" of the section to ensure patient demographic accuracy.

•Assists with equipment maintenance logs (e.g., Zip Rounds, crash cart, refrigerator, temperature logs etc.).

•Adheres to HIPAA requirements to protect patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.

•Maintains cleanliness/orderliness of all imaging rooms, dressing rooms, and work area.

•Responsible for stocking, transporting, and distribution of supplies within the section.

•Disposes of used linens as needed.

•For nuclear medicine certified technolgists-Monitors personnel, work areas, and patient care areas to ensure that the levels of radioactive materials are in accordance with regulations.

•Decontaminate work and patient care areas as needed.

•Disposes of radioactive materials.

•Suggests ways to improve efficiency in the workplace (i.e. reduces supply and equipment waste).

•Maintain up to date knowledge of billing, coding, national coverage decisions, ICD-9, ICD-10 etc.


Required : Graduation from a formal education program in radiography, accredited by a mechanism acceptable to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

Preferred: Bachelor of Science Degree in related field.


Required : All of the following:

•Medical Radiologic Technologist license (MRT) from the Texas Department of State Health Services

•American Registry of Radiologic Technologist in Radiology (ARRT – R) and/or American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) in Nuclear Medicine credentials or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) credentials.

•Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) &/or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Preferred (Two or more of the following) :

•American Registry of Radiologic Technologist in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ARRT – MR)

•American Registry of Radiologic Technologist in Computed Tomography (ARRT – CT)

•American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) in Nuclear Medicine credentials, and/or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) credentials

•Nuclear Medine Technology Certification in PET

•Nuclear Medine Technology Certification in CT



Required : Five years of experience in radiology including two years of experience in MRI and CT; OR Three years of relevant experience gained at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center including two years of experience in clinical MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET or CT.

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.

Additional Information

  • Employee Status: Regular

  • Minimum Salary: US Dollar (USD) 59,600

  • Midpoint Salary: US Dollar (USD) 74,500

  • Maximum Salary : US Dollar (USD) 89,400