MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Technician I - Bone Marrow - 11am-7:30pm in Houston, Texas

The Bone Marrow Laboratory is the centralized laboratory for receipt of the majority of inpatient and clinic patient requests for laboratory studies. The bone marrow rotation sequence is organized around the junior faculty model, with emphasis on complex consultation cases and integration of morphology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular data and outcomes. Specimens reviewed for Cytogenetics, Immunology/ Flow Cytometry, Molecular Laboratories are distributed by the Bone Marrow Laboratory personnel. The Bone Marrow Lab offers a comprehensive bone marrow morphology and interpretation study. Each bone marrow case is reviewed by a hematopathologist with expertise in leukemia or lymphoma studies. The laboratory offers 24-hour consultation and review.

Accession/Specimen Processing

  • Evaluates and accessions cases or specimens

  • Documents and cases or specimens requiring special handling

  • Documents any unacceptable cases or specimens and performs cancellations as necessary.

  • Performs complex set ups of slides/specimens for clinical testing.

  • Prepares any reagents required for slide/specimen processing.

  • Prepares any necessary sterile supplies or reagents.

  • Assist in the grossing of the bone marrow biopsy and clots.

  • If necessary, obtain appropriate approvals before sending samples/ slides to reference laboratory or further studies.

  • Assist the laboratory technician with faculty request such as pulling slides or stat send outs.

  • Assist in Pediatric bone marrow collection preparing slides and transporting them to the lab.


  • Operates instrumentation/equipment according to specific protocols

  • Is able to perform and document standard service, quality control, and/or calibration procedures.

  • Is able to troubleshoot and resolve common instrumentation/equipment problems.


  • Performs inventory of supplies/reagents according to departmental procedures.

  • Maintains a clean and organized work station

  • Restocks consummable items as necessary to ensure sufficient quantity to support the next work shift.

Customer Service

  • Complies with the section telephone courtesy policies and procedures

  • Demonstrate cooperation when working with both internal and external customers.

  • Demonstrates calmness under varying environmental circumstances. Remains willing and capable of assisting in crisis situations.


  • Train other employees, students, and/or fellows as needed

  • Follow established checklists during the training period.

Other duties as assigned

High school diploma or equivalent. Three years of experience in a clinical medical laboratory or similar setting. With preferred degree, no experience requried. It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.