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MD Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Fellow - Genomic Medicine - (TME cells) in Houston, Texas

We seek a talented and highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow with a strong background in bioinformatics and a passion for exploring the heterogeneity and evolution of tumor cells and tumor microenvironment (TME) using state-of-the-art single cell and spatial profiling approaches. The primary research focus is to apply innovative bioinformatics approaches to dissect the tumor "ecosystem" and profile in-depth the phenotypic and functional heterogeneity, lineage plasticity, and evolutionary dynamics of tumor and TME cells and cellular interactions among them to better understand cancer development, progress, and therapy response.


Learn and master skills for in-depth profiling of single cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics data; Learn and master skills for integrative analysis of high-dimensional bulk and single-cell multi-omics data; Gain rich knowledge in cancer biology, cancer genomics and immunogenomics, and cancer-specific bioinformatics; Develop skills in study design, data interpretation, presentation, and manuscript writing; Develop skills in networking, career planning, teaching, grant writing, and other professional development skills that can help prepare to further their careers.


Individuals with a PhD degree in computational biology, bioinformatics, data science, or a related field are encouraged to apply. A strong computational background, proficiency in R and at least one additional scripting language (e.g., Python, Perl), and knowledge of biostatistics is required. Experience working with single cell sequencing data and high-performance computing environments is highly preferred. A good understanding of cancer biology, immunology, cell biology, and molecular biology is also preferred. A proven track record of publications and excellent spoken and written communication skills are required.


Dr. Linghua Wang