MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Therapist in Houston, Texas

Radiation Therapist

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Radiation Oncology 115100

Requisition #: 117030

The primary purpose of the Radiation Therapist position is to deliver safe, accurate, radiation therapy treatments as prescribed by the physician.

The Radiation Therapist functions in a specialized area of radiation therapy in the role of direct patient care provider in the Department of Radiation Oncology at . The scope of the position is defined by the Medical Radiologic Technology Act of the State of Texas, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists’ Practice Standards of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, and the Standards of Care for Radiation Therapy Services for the Department of Radiation Oncology.

Salary Range

Minimum: $63,500 Midpoint: $86,250 Maximum: $109,000

Key Functions

1. Administers safe and accurateradiation therapy treatment.

Clinical Practice Management:

  • Ensures accurate, quality treatment delivery and datacapture, the radiation therapist demonstrates sound clinical judgment andadheres to accurate treatment and simulation delivery and is empowered toSTOP the process if a quality and safety concern arises.

  • Gathers necessary set-up aids and prepares room andequipment for patient.

  • Consistently works at a speed that supportstreatment/simulation unit scheduling.

  • Maintains appropriate treatment and simulation recordsand data. Sets appropriate treatment unit parameters and verifies foraccuracy.

  • Demonstrates necessary manual dexterity and psychomotorskills to operate and manipulate the mechanical motions of complexradiation-emitting treatment units.

  • Works safely under stress and pressure.

  • Adapts without difficulty to changes in work scheduleor assigned area as departmental patient load and quality of care dictates.

  • Visually monitors patient for unusual reaction andevents and reports same to radiation oncologist throughout the course ofradiation therapy

  • Explains treatment procedure to the patient as it isperformed, communicating in a clear, concise voice; answers patient's andfamily's questions and defers those not within his/her competence to theradiation oncologist. Verbally reinforces radiation oncologist'sadvice to patient regarding reactions to treatment and their care.Recognizes patient's needs and responds to them appropriately. Referspatient to other allied health specialists, such as a social workers,dietitians and nursing.

2. Performs and maintains QualityAssurance activities.

Quality Assurance Management:

  • Complies with departmental quality assurance practices.

  • Visually ascertains that consent forms for radiationtherapy are in the treatment record and have been signed by the patientbefore administering the treatment.

  • Monitors and maintains daily treatment records andmachine QA, inclusive of but not limited to the following: adheresto portal image review/approval guidelines as required by the departmentmakes adjustments in field placement as needed.

  • Verbally notifies physics or engineering ifmeasurements do not fall into accepted parameters. Visuallyrecognizes and reports erratic operation of equipment to supervisor,engineering staff and/or Administrative Director for Therapy Services.

  • Checks prescription, set-up instructions, new startprocedures, and patient information in the record and verify system, 4Dconsole, and adheres to the override guidelines in order to deliveraccurate and safe patient treatment. Reviews the records for anydiscrepancies between the prescription, treatment plan, and amendments.

  • Attends planning clinic as assigned.

  • Performs, monitors, and maintains mandatory quality controlactivities and documentation.

3. Maintains Competency Management

Competency Management:

  • Ensures that appropriate clinical skills are learnedand maintained to support treatment and simulation delivery, the radiationtherapist demonstrates and adheres to:

  • Maintenance of departmentally identified basecompetencies inclusive of performing calculations.

  • Accurate documentation and maintenance of competencyassessment criteria.

  • Facilitates learning consistent with expectations ofdocumented competency level by attending lectures, seminars, andin-services to stay abreast of new techniques and to comply with licensureand competency requirements.

  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills andprofessional behaviors (soft skills) and participation in competencyassessments.

  • Consistently works within the scope of practice andcompetency level.

  • Demonstrates a high level of responsibility, ethicalpractice, quality care, sensitivity to a diverse patient population andadherence to legal and regulatory requirements

4. Participates in clinicalinstruction/evaluation

Education and Training Management:

  • Actively participates in practitioner/studentseducation and assessment.

  • Demonstrates practice related learning, sharesknowledge and skills learned to students and peers.

  • Participates in departmental/institutional learninginitiatives and in-services.

  • Orients and teaches new students/therapists rotating totreatment unit.

  • Participates in the monthly evaluations on thestudents, assessing cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives.

5. Adheres to departmentalguidelines, quality and safety and institutional policies.

  • Adheres to department policies, guidelines, andprocedures inclusive of all quality and safety protocols.

  • Completes internal variance forms for any error/nearmiss immediately and forwards it to the supervisor for follow up within 24hours.

  • Consistently adheres to all departmental policiesconcerning radiation therapy treatment, safety/variance guidelines,attendance, and dress code.

  • Adheres to Kronos Procedures, effective time management.

  • Utilizes resources and controls resources throughcareful management of supplies and equipment.

  • Effectively uses the experience and abilities of otherstaff members.

  • Willing to take instruction, discipline, correction,and guidance.

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and shows initiative to begin,complete and improve all actions required to accomplish job.

  • Works in situations involving uncertainty, shiftingpriorities, and rapid change.

  • Demonstrates flexibility in daily activities and withclinic schedule needs, which may change due to patient volume.

  • Deals constructively with mistakes and setbacks.


Required: Graduate of a Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) accredited program in Radiation Therapy or a suitable equivalent.


All of the following are required:

  • Certification and registration in Radiation Therapy by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

  • Medical Radiologic Technologist license by the Texas Medical Board (TMB).

  • CPR

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.