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MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Intern - Cancer Biology in MDA-On-Site, United States

The primary purpose of the intern position is to provide firsthand practical experience in cancer research and insight into various science career opportunities. Dr. Shalapour's Lab will offer several projects that the intern can choose to be involved with according to their specific needs and interest.


-The applicant will be introduced to Immunology, immunophenotyping of tumor-infiltrating T and B cells and learning Flow cytometry.

-Learn about in-vivo studies.

-Learn how mice are used in our work and how to feed mice with different diets.

-Learn how to measure weight and food intake.

-Learn about immunohistochemistry.

-Observe Sirius Red and Red Oil staining to define fibrosis and steatosis in liver.

-Learn to make organoid culture of hepatocytes and coculture experiments with immune cells isolated from mouse.


Applicants must hold a bachelor's or master's degree. Degree must have been obtained recently (within 1 year). Applicant must have previous research experience. Applicants will train under the supervision of a faculty member/mentor. Applicants must be appointed for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 6 months.


Shabnam Shalapour, PHD